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About Me

Welcome to my personal website. I'm Darren Jennings. You can reach me on twitter, github, or linkedin.

I blog about engineering things, mostly Vue. For hobbies, I like to brew coffee, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and spend time with my family, nuclear and ecclesiastical.

I'm currently Tech Lead at Kong where I lead frontend architecture, our Vue component library, as well as write cool stuff for our entirely Lua backend built on top of Open Resty.

Open Source

Non-exhaustive list of stuff I work on:

swrv Stale-while-revalidate data fetching library for Vue.

vue-autosuggest an autosuggest or omnibox solution for vue apps.

kongponents Kong's Vue component library

httpsnippet HTTP Request snippet generator for many languages & libraries

kong-plugin-session 🍪 Session plugin for Kong.

vuepress-plugin-reading-time a vuepress plugin plugin to display how long a post takes to read.

🎤 Talks

📖 This blog

I built this blog using Vue's static site generator Vuepress. It's completely static (for now) and you can find the source here